The new website October 30, 2015 – Posted in: My new website

Welcome to my new website. The old one was looking a bit tired and hadn’t been updated for at least 2 years!
I have decided to rescan all my cards which is no mean feat as I now have over 2000 in my collection. There is still a long way to go but this is at least a start.
This sight is now fully searchable so if there is a street in a town that you may wish to look at there should be no problem finding it.
I have also added a section for the many photographers that plied their trade in the area, especially in the WW1 period. When I get time, I will also try and name all the regiments that are shown in the many First War postcards in my collection. This will also be fully searchable.
I will try and add to this website on a daily basis so please keep on coming back!